About RRM:

Rapture Ready Ministries, Inc. is an end-time non-domination apostolic ministry.
Apostolic meaning we follow Kingdom Order (teaching the Bible from
Genesis to Revelation in its entirety). This body of Christ is a ministry
that uses many vehicles to deliver the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.
The five-fold ministry order (Eph 4-11-12) is in operation as the gifts
Jesus gave to the church until He returns (The Rapture).
Therefore, we teach the importance of having a relationship rather than a religion.


To prepare souls for Kingdom Living, the Second Coming of Christ and eternal life.


This Ministry will be an instrument in the body of Christ to do the
Great Commission commanded by Jesus (Mark 16: 15-18; Matthew 28: 19-20).

Motto For Daily Living:

"I'm Living to Live Again"